#### How to Use This Site 1. Explore! Start with the *[[🕵️ Challenge Index|challenges]]* you're experiencing in your business. 2. Read about the [[👍 Pattern Index|patterns]] that can help you [[Making Progress|Make Progress]]. 3. Check to see if there are "Bigger Problems" or "Antipatterns" that will impede your progress. 4. Solve the biggest problem you can first by implementing a pattern. You can [[✉️ Subscribe For Updates]] to learn what's new, or check the [[Release Notes]]. If you want us to [[One Level Deeper|dig deeper]] on a particular topic or if you would like to contribute a pattern, [[Contact Us]]. #### About Long Pressed is a highly connected graph of patterns - the decision making frameworks, mental models, protocols, approaches and principles that are fundamental to the way we work. The site's structure is [[Inspiration|inspired]] by Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language. We hope it can help you navigate the unique circumstances and challenges of your business.