[[Knowledge Workers]] should always strive to achieve one level of depth of understanding deeper than their initial encounter with new information. This behavior is an antidote to [[Error Driven Development]] and a key heuristic to properly solving problems in today's complex world. ### Example An engineer comes across a problem while they're writing some code. Both a "good" and a "bad" engineer might quickly find the correct answer to their problem on Stack Overflow. The bad engineer will make a quick change to their code, verify that it works as intended and move on. A good engineer will identify the new information that they were presented in the solution, and dig one level deeper. If there was a new API or function call they didn't know about, or a configuration parameter that isn't familiar, they'll go find the documentation and learn before they commit. ### Further Reading - [Always Measure One Level Deeper](https://cacm.acm.org/magazines/2018/7/229031-always-measure-one-level-deeper/fulltext)